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Aaron Rodgers Makes Packers Lethal

ESPNAPI_IMG_NO_ALTEXT_Value Maybe McCarthy didn't want to show too much excitement during his Thursday afternoon press conference, Kim Kardashian but he has to love his chances going forward. sc As much as people want to ponder the outcome redirected of Green Bay's regular-season finale with the Chicago Bears -- a contest that will determine the NFC North champion on Sunday -- there really isn't much to debate now. The Packers have arguably the best quarterback in the league back under center. The Bears had a chance my website to win their division outright last Sunday night, right before the Philadelphia Eagles beat them 54-11. You can talk about the possibility of anything happening in a rivalry game all you want. There is no way the Packers lose this game on Sunday.
Full story: http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/aaron-rodgers-makes-packers-lethal/story?id=21343236

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